When an easy par 5 is a hard par 4, and it’s the same hole

Yes, There Are Some Interesting Tidbits From Steve Williams Book


teve Williams book Out of the Rough has understandably received negative press mostly for his description of Tiger Woods treating him “like a slave.” As mentioned, caddies are in a very subserviant role with their bosses. And, maybe “slave” has a different connotation in Williams home country of New Zealand.

Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to scour the book, but Golfdigest.com‘s Jaime Diaz has and offers these pretty cool antidotes.

Of Greg Norman, with whom he has remained friends: “It’s fair to say I was afraid of the guy…Looking back, I would say he was definitely the hardest guy I have ever caddied for…If I made a mistake, he certainly had no hesitation in letting me know what an idiot I was. And if he made a mistake, somehow that would also be my fault.”

And, “Of all the players I worked for, including Tiger, Greg would be the best in terms of the pure physical side of the game.”

Of Phil Mickelson, who Williams says he admires as a player: “My problem is that he thinks he knows everything. He lords over people – he once tried to tell me the rules of cricket for crying out loud!”

After Woods made his seven-foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole of the 2000 PGA Championship to get into a playoff with Bob May, he told Williams, “Stevie, my mum could’ve made that putt. I’m Tiger Woods – I’m supposed to make that putt. It ain’t no big deal, Stevie.”

“There was one player Tiger was fond of and had the utmost respect for: David Duval.”

Before Woods’ third shot to the 72nd hole of the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, in which Williams lied about the yardage in order to help convince Woods to hit a hard lob wedge rather than a sand wedge: “Tiger, you have to absolutely trust me on this one. And if I’m wrong, fire me. I know how much this means to you, so if I’m wrong just fire me.”

In the car ride after 2004 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills, Woods told Williams: “Stevie, I think I’ve had enough of golf. I’d really like to try to be a Navy SEAL.”

“Perversely, in hindsight, I think if he could have taken a sabbatical from golf and undergone the 30-month Navy SEAL training course it would been better for him in the long run. He might have returned to golf reinvigorated, mentally refreshed and hungry. And he might have got something out of his system and prevented his humiliating fall from grace five years later.”

Guess I’ll definitely have to download the book from Amazon (the only way to get it in the states).

Artificial Grass: Too Many Options Can Be A Bad Thing

We recently installed a yard for a family in University Park, Tx. The home owner did their due diligence and talked to some other artificial grass Dallas companies.  The picture below is what I showed them on the right, one sample, and what a competitor showed them on the left. The customer said they had a headache after trying to figure out the different turfs from the competitor and their particular uses. We typically show two samples for a lawn turf installation, one olive tone and one spring green. This was a somewhat referral based customer so I only showed the one olive tone sample because at the end of the day its the one 99% of our customers use.

artificial grass dallas

The artificial grass industry is overrun with so many different styles of grass that turf installers are trying to market them for certain situations like low foot traffic, dog specific turf, high traffic turf, etc. The honest approach of how to properly install a base for our climate that drains and the best and most aesthetically pleasing synthetic grass for their yard is the best way to maintain referrals. Most of the sales people in the artificial turf industry have never even seen an installation from start to finish, they are selling you turf based on marketing materials.

If you are in the market for artificial grass give us a call to get the straight answers, positive and negatives of our product, and a completed installation by a true professional with 11 years experience installing artificial turf products. We really enjoy our customers but I only want to come back to your house if you moved and need more turf, not for a repair or a problem. Call us today, 214-577-3444.