When and Where You Should Consider Using Artificial Turf

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When and Where You Should Consider Using Artificial Turf

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Everyone knows that natural grass can be soft, lush, and comfortable to lay down on or walk on. However, there are specific conditions that have to be met for it to not only grow, but to thrive. The artificial turfs that are available today strive to provide customers with all of the same realistic qualities of natural grass, like beauty and function, but without the specific conditions and maintenance necessary to keep natural grass looking great.

Why Choose Artificial Grass

Times have really changed where grass is concerned. You no longer have to suffer heavy maintenance and upkeep costs to have a lush, lovely, and well manicured lawn. There have been Artificial Turf Ideas for Landscapingincredible strides made in the technology behind artificial grass. This industry now produces cutting edge (No pun intended!) and eco friendly products that are miles and miles ahead of the Astroturf on the 1970s. Today’s artificial turfs (artificial grasses) look very realistic, are quite sustainable, are very functional, and are virtually maintenance free!  

Here are a few important reasons why artificial grass is for you:

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass does not need regular watering, weeding, fertilizing, mowing, patching…like natural grasses require. Put away your lawn equipment and take back your weekends with artificial grass! No watering is necessary and the level of maintenance is very low, but the beauty and function of natural grass remain.


Natural grass will succumb to heavy traffic or weather damage and will deliver worn areas and bare patches. This is not the case with artificial grass. Artificial turf simply will not wear down as it is designed to hold up especially well under high traffic and regular beatings.


If you live in an area with a harsh climate or if the terrain is particularly rough, you have most likely experienced the difficulties of maintaining a beautiful lawn. Artificial grass products would be perfect for you as the are effectively impervious to the harsh elements. If your conditions include muddy areas, drought conditions, steep inclines or slopes, or any difficult to grow terrain, there is an artificial grass that will work perfectly for you. The best part is that your lawn will look the same-gorgeous-year around! 

Artificial Grass in Backyard PlaygroundSustainability 

If recycling and sustainability are important to you, you will feel great about using artificial grass. While natural grass uses the earth’s natural resources regularly (like water), artificial grass does not. Synthetic grasses allow for water conservation and eliminate the need for pesticides and fertilizers that can be toxic. There will be no harmful emissions into the air from artificial grass either.  

Natural Grass Look 

Yes, artificial turf is low maintenance, durable, versatile, and sustainable. It is also , but it’s also positively beautiful! Synthetic turf has found its way onto golf course greens for its beauty and functionality. When an artificial grass is high quality, it will have a soft, natural, lush natural grass appearance-always!

Just imagine-your lawn looks incredible year round and you will do no mowing, weeding, fertilizing, or patching/repairing! Amazing!

There are other areas besides personal or commercial lawns that are perfect for artificial or synthetic turf. Here are a few specifically recommended options for its use:

 Playgrounds and School Yards

Artificial playground grass is absolutely an ideal surface for kids to play on! It is a lush, beautiful, soft, green grass that is completely safe for children to play and fall on. It is also quite cost effective as it holds up to extreme playground traffic.

If you have a space that you think would need artificial turf, ask your landscape architect how it will fit into your landscape design.


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