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The American Lawn Needs to Die

By Eric Nicholson Wednesday, September 30, 2015 | 10 days ago My first inkling that America’s lawn obsession might not be terribly healthy came around 1995. We’d just moved into a new house in Far North Dallas, and 10- or 11-year-old me decided that the next-door neighbor’s lawn — green and smooth and as flawless…
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October 10, 2015 0

50 Things You Need To Know About Artificial Grass

50 Things You Need to Know About Artificial Grass: Click Here to Read All 50  The Many Shapes of Synthetic Grass Blades: Synthetic grass can be created with so many different colors and various blade heights, however, within the extrusion process, much like the way you would squeeze out playdough with different shapes, there are…
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September 23, 2015 0

Spieth Responds To Reactions Of Two Straight Missed Cuts

Wednesday, September 16, 2015   Jordan Spieth has obviously enjoyed one of the best years ever on the PGA Tour (when taking the major wins and close 2nds into account). Yet, with fame comes the counterpoints when your game suddenly goes south. At the BMW Championship presser yesterday, Spieth confided his thoughts on how it…
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September 17, 2015 0

Spieth Misses 2nd Straight Cut For 1st Time As A Pro

Jordan Spieth was absolute money before the FedEx Cup playoffs, posting more wins than MCs. He had a ridiculous lead in money rankings and FedEx points. However, call it exhaustion after a long stellar season. Or label it as the utter frustration that golf imparts, as when you cruise nicely on autopilot–until you don’t. That…
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September 8, 2015 0

Highland Park Will Be Having None of Your Tacky Artificial Grass, Thank You

Highland Park’s city council has decided to ban fake plastic grass from the town’s front yards, a scourge which according to one city official has overtaken at least three (3) properties. The Morning News reports that council members voted on the new ordinance on Monday. Artificial turf will still be allowed in “side yards and…
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September 5, 2015 0

Is Bypassing College To Turn Tour Pro A Prudent Choice?

The road to riches and fame is alluring but also a precarious rocky road. In golf, there are no guarantees (outside of some promised sponsor exemptions) as you have to earn your way to the Big Show via mathematical reality. 18-year-old Austin Connelly from Irving, Texas carries dual citizenship in the U.S. and Canada. He was…
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August 30, 2015 0

The Grass Is Always Greener From Texas Turf Solutions

For the last nine years Texas Turf Solutions has been turning muddy dead yards into lush green areas by installing artificial grass. Whether it’s a backyard that has died from lack of water or too much shade, our synthetic turf products transform those yards into a beautiful oasis for our customers. The transformations are not…
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August 29, 2015 0

SGW Turf Now Carries A 15 Year Warranty

  The industry’s most advanced products now feature the best warranty! As of February 2015, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has increased their 8 year product warranty to a whopping 15 years! The new warranty will cover SGW’s entire TigerTurf and Everlast artificial turf inventory. “We are actually quite confident that our products will last well beyond…
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August 11, 2015 0

Are Golfer’s Swimming In Dough?

The lifestyle of the multi-millionaire, megastar professional athlete. A lifestyle that almost every child dreams about at one point or another. Sure, the real dream is to make that game-winning jump shot as time expires, or haul in that fingertip touchdown catch in the back of the endzone to win the Superbowl, or blast the…
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August 3, 2015 0

The Kings Of Artificial Dog Park Turf!

Over the past two months Texas Turf Solutions has installed five dog parks around the state of Texas. They range from 2300 sqft to 5000 sqft and we are about to install another 4000 sqft dog park this week. The artificial dog turf installed in the picture above is in Pflugerville, Tx at an apartment…
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July 21, 2015 0