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After all the years that I have spent in the synthetic turf industry, I cannot seem to understand why Installers are still not recognizing “Pock Marks” that are left behind from their own hammers? This month ASK JW will help you understand why “Pock Marks” in artificial grass can ruin the beauty of your Installation.…
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March 18, 2018 0

How Our Lives Have Turned To Gaining More Time

We tell potential customers how our artificial grass products help save water, money and time. The time aspect has been on my mind lately. I understand technology is making things easier and that helps save time in many areas. The part that gets me is the marketing that has us thinking things were such a…
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March 10, 2018 0

New adventure artificial putting course with wider holes for children

By Jamie Barlow 14:22, 23 JAN 2018 Updated16:40, 23 JAN 2018 ‘Hopefully it will help a young, budding Tiger Woods come through the ranks’ A new adventure golf course designed with wider holes to encourage children to take up the sport could be coming to Nottingham. Bosses at Highfields Park Adventure Golf, which opened last…
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January 28, 2018 0

How to Choose the Perfect Artificial Grass For You!

Making the switch to artificial grass is exciting. We’re not just saying that – it’s true. Like any investment in your home or business, there’s a thrill involved in the prospect. Transforming your lawn with artificial grass means you can look forward to decades of a yard that’s beautiful as well as water- and worry-free.…
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January 11, 2018 0

ASK JW: The Importance of Compaction for Artificial Grass

For more information contact J.W. or call 888.846.3598 Many synthetic turf installations have depressed areas due to improper use of materials, poor compaction, bad repairs and irrigation problems. It is very important that grading materials placed underneath artificial grass are of quality, and that compaction rate reach approximately 80 percent. Compaction is accomplished by…
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December 30, 2017 0

Artificial Grass – Not In My Neighbor’s Front Yard

by William Taylor · December 11, 2017 The 3,000-square-feet of artificial grass installed at 4321 Overhill Drive costs $32,000. (Photo: Denny Carreker) Synthetic turf has come a long way since the Brady Bunch and the Astrodome, but not improved enough to satisfy Highland Park town council member Margo Goodwin. “I don’t want artificial turf next…
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December 15, 2017 0

Your Landscaper May Not Know How To Install Artificial Grass

Not all artificial grass installation companies are created equal. Some are landscapers that add fake grass as an added revenue stream and don’t have dedicated installers just for turf. When this happens you have different guys that don’t normally install artificial grass learning in your yard. Texas Turf and Pavers has over a decade of…
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December 9, 2017 0

Commissioners considering artificial grass medians in Cobb County

Jon Gargis The grass may not necessarily be greener on the other side, but if some Cobb commissioners have their way, some of it could become fake. A proposal to put artificial turf instead of real grass in the medians of two county roadways was planted before county leaders at last Monday’s commissioner work session.…
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December 4, 2017 0

Hotel Californian artificial grass becomes a turf battle in Santa Barbara

  John Palminteri Operators say the artificial grass will be green throughout the year SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – The artificial grass at the Hotel Californian in Santa Barbara may be fake but a controversy over it is real. The grass was laid out in a special plaza area near conference rooms and a dining patio.…
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November 25, 2017 0

Understanding the Importance of Compaction

Understanding the Importance of Compaction During my visits with contractors across the country, I have noticed synthetic turf installations having depressed areas within them due to improper materials, poor compaction, bad repairs or irrigation problems. It is very important that grading materials that are placed under synthetic turf be of quality and can reach approximately…
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November 16, 2017 0